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Dating is not easy.  In fact, dating today is harder than it has ever been.  Busy schedules make it very difficult to meet people, and the hassles of trying to impress someone and getting rejected can definitely take a toll on you.  Instead of putting yourself through more stress date after failed date, it’s okay to take a small dating break.  If you take a small break, you’ll be able to look at the bigger picture and see dating in a different light and will have a different mindset when you return.

Even though it might sound counterproductive, sometimes the best thing you can do is simply take a small break.  Today, our WV matchmakers here at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service are going to show you how a little dating detox could be the solution to your romantic problems.

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1. You’ll have time to rediscover yourself.

The most vital reason to take a dating break is so that you can get to know yourself better.  Listen to what your mind and body are telling you and understand what is important for your own happiness.  You have probably put dating ahead of other things, so now it’s time to go back to those things.  Figure out your passions and interests and start to devote more time to them.  Not only will this keep you busy and occupied from thinking about dating, but they’ll make you a happier, more interesting person for when you do return to dating.

2. You can be more productive.

Let’s get real here, dating takes up a lot of time.  When you stop dating for a little bit, you’ll become more productive in life and be able to focus more time and energy into your career, family and friends, and hobbies and interests.

Maybe you always wanted to start your own business, or perhaps wanted to do something on the side.  Maybe you wanted to go back to school so you could advance in your career, or maybe your friends told you that you disappeared.  Now is the time to do the things for you because when you go back to dating, you’ll be glad you took a little bit of time to focus on yourself.

3. You can de-stress from dating.

Stress and dating go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly.  After dating for a while, you’ll become super stressed, which isn’t good for your health.  Stress can leave you feeling burnout, almost to the point of hating dating.  If you feel overwhelmed, to the point that you no longer even want to go on dates, then you need a small dating break.

You need to take a small break to de-stress yourself.  Chill out for a little while and focus on other things rather than dating.  Your schedule is already jam packed with work, family, and friends, so it’s okay to give yourself some time to relax and reenergize.

4. You don’t have to date just to date.

Here’s the truth.  You might think that you’re getting ahead in your dating life by saying yes to every date possible, but that’s not how it works.  You don’t have to say yes to every date.  It’s okay to turn down dates from time to time.  You really can turn down a date when you need to.

Saying yes to anyone isn’t going to increase the chances of finding love.  It’s best to go for quality over quantity here.  So give yourself a break and stop saying yes to anyone who asks you out.  Your love life will totally benefit from this little timeout.

5. You’ll stop taking dating so seriously.

Dating causes most everyone to put a lot of pressure and weight on themselves.  Sure, you can be proactive on your search, you can ask friends and family, and try modern ways of dating.  If you take dating too seriously, you’re going to get burnout.  As matchmakers, we want nothing more than for you to find love.  But if you take it so seriously and forget what dating is all about, you’re going to miss your chances of finding love.  So go ahead and give yourself a small break and watch how you approach dating in a more playful way when you return.

6. You’ll be more interesting.

Although you’ll have plenty of funny (sometimes horrifying) dating stories to tell your best friends, it’s not going to do any good in your dating life.  Let us explain.  When you’re going on so many bad dates and focusing all your time and energy into dating, you miss out on the things you actually enjoy about your life.

Taking a little dating break will allow you to start focusing your time on other things, including friends, work, family, and hobbies and interests.  You’ll be able to sign up for that yoga class, enroll in cooking classes, learn to bake, take a road trip, and socialize more, which will then make you a more interesting and well-rounded individual.

Think of it this way: not only will you be able to do all the things you always wanted to do, but you can talk about those things when you return to dating, which is great, right?  Of course, because you already know how difficult it is to come up with first date conversation topics.

You see, a small dating break can actually help you find love because it will allow you to focus on yourself and what’s important to you.  It refreshes your mind and lets you look at dating in a different light.  Now, as matchmakers, we want you to date, but we also don’t want you to get burnout.  And perhaps the reason you’re feeling burnt out right now is because of the way you’re dating.  Let our WV matchmakers here at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service provide you with a stress-free way of dating.  Let us help you meet like-minded singles in a relaxed and comfortable way.

If you’re ready to hit the Pittsburgh dating scene with a little expert help, fill out the private form at the top of the page to reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation today!

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