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The summer months bring out the best in us, and here at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service, we know that’s one of the best reasons to start dating in the summer.  It’s no secret that we all love to stay home and hibernate when the cold temps keep us inside; after all, who wants to socialize when it’s bone chillingly cold outside?  Many people turn to online dating during the winter months, but summer changes all that.

When the sun is out, we just feel better.  Our moods improve, and the beautiful weather makes us want to get out and about, show off our summer clothes, and do different things.  We see the community in a different way.  Summer is when everyone hosts social events and get togethers, which gives you the perfect opportunity to try new things and get out of your house and mingle with others.

Let our Pittsburgh matchmakers show you why summer is the perfect time to date and find love in Pittsburgh.

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1. Being outdoors makes us happy.

Dating is so much better when the temperatures are hot; plus, people are friendlier when the temps are nice.  Everyone is in a good mood.  Everyone is happy.

We tend to be more active during the summer months.  We want to play sports, go hiking, enjoy kayaking, etc.  It’s those engaging activities that release feel-good hormones and boost your confidence.  There have been countless studies showing that the summer months make us the happiest and the least stressed.

2. Dating is more affordable in the summer.

Sometimes we can’t help but to wonder why some men ask women on coffee dates instead of going on real dates, but it’s because restaurants are expensive.  But things are much different in the summer.  Many restaurants offer summer specials—not to mention, there are many more dining options to choose from when the weather is nice.  A romantic picnic near a river or lake is affordable and fun, grabbing an ice-cream cone is cheap, and local festivals are usually free and tons of fun.  You can even go for a hike, a scenic walk, or kayaking, all of which are 100% free.

Dates in the wintertime cost more and are harder to plan because they have to be indoors.  But dates in the summer are affordable and tons more fun; after all, you can take advantage of beautiful Mother Nature and enjoy fresh air.

3. You become more spontaneous and adventurous.

In the summer, you have the liberty to be as spontaneous and adventurous as you want.  Why?  Because there are so many things to do in the summertime.

You can create special memories with your new love interest by doing something you’ve never done before, like going kayaking, tubing, or even heading out on a last-minute road trip.

Spontaneity is at its all-time high during the summer months, and as Pittsburgh matchmakers with nearly 30 years of experience, we know that’s very attractive for both sexes.

See, we told you that summer is the absolute best time to date and find love in Pittsburgh.  However, if your busy schedule doesn’t allow you time to look for dates on your own, then it’s time you contact our Pittsburgh matchmakers and let us arrange the dates for you.

If you’re ready to find love in Pittsburgh, simply fill out the private form at the top of this page and reserve your FREE 90-minute matchmaking consultation with the best matchmaking service in Pittsburgh today!

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