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Are you wondering if your man finds you attractive? Wondering if a man finds you attractive during date is completely normal. Today, our Pitt matchmaking team here at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service will review how to tell if he finds you irresistible, so get ready!

There is no denying that it feels good to be the center of attention in your partner’s eyes; otherwise, why would you want to be with him? But how are you supposed to know if he really finds you good looking and will not stray with someone else?

The media has engraved it into women’s minds that they must look like supermodels and fit into size 0 clothes in order to be beautiful, but our Pittsburgh matchmakers want you to stop worrying about those superficial things; it all comes down to what each man prefers.

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Signs Your Man Finds You Attractive

Not every man out there is a George Clooney who only dates supermodels. There are plenty of men of substance out there who find a woman’s natural beauty to be attractive and sexy. You should always trust your man when he tells you that you’re beautiful. You should also remember that being attractive is not just about external beauty but also about brains, attitude, and heart. However, if you are the type of woman who needs reassurance, today our Pittsburgh matchmakers will tell you the surefire signs your man finds you to be smokin’ hot.

1. He Shares How He Feels with You

One easy way to know how your man feels about you is by paying attention to the way he tells you things. There is absolutely no reason for you not to believe him if he says he finds you to be irresistible. You should know him well enough to know when he’s telling the truth or just playing games. If your man is always telling you how beautiful you are, it’s because you are. Stop worrying so much.

2. He Gives You Compliments

Another way to tell how your man feels about you is by the compliments he gives you. Your man knows how much you love to hear his compliments and he showers you with them every chance he gets. However, we don’t want you to just focus on external compliments, focus on the ones when he tells you he thinks you’re funny or smart. Those are the genuine compliments, the ones that count.

3. He Is Proud to Be with You

If your man shows you off in front of the world, then he definitely thinks you’re beautiful, and trying to one up his crew of friends just tells you what he thinks of you. There is absolutely no doubt that if he is showing you off, he thinks you’re better than all the women his friends are dating. When your man puts you on a pedestal, it’s because he really finds you to be beautiful.

4. He Touches You a Lot

Body contact is another way for you to tell how your man feels about you. Whether it’s by laying his hand on the small of your back or moving his hands on top of your leg, those are both signs he finds you attractive. There is no way a man would touch a woman if he did not find her attractive. Men are simple with this: if they see something they like, they come very close to it. If your man can’t get enough physical contact with you, you have nothing to worry about.


5. He Dresses Well for You

When a man goes the extra mile to look good for you, then you can rest assured he finds you irresistible. He knows he has to be on his tip-top game in order to impress you. Shaving, trimming, using cologne, styling his hair, and putting on nice clean clothing are all signs he cares about you and wants to please you.

6. He Starts Intimacy

Nothing proves a man wants you more than if he is the one initiating intimacy.

7. He Is a Hope Romantic

When a man proves his love for you by charming you in romantic ways, it’s because he wants to keep you in his life. You can say that he does this because he’s comfortable with you and you can brush it off as though he’s just being sweet, but in all reality, we all know he’s doing romantic things because he wants to keep you in his life forever. Men will move mountains for the woman they love, so keep an eye for his romantic moves and be sure to show him how much you appreciate them.

8. He Surprises You

When a man makes the effort to please you with small gifts, then he definitely cares deeply about you. Whether it’s showing up announced to take you to lunch or surprising you with a beautiful necklace, there is no doubt he finds you irresistible and wants to put a smile on your face.
9. He Does Favors for You

Making a woman happy will keep her around forever and your man knows this all too well. Your man can’t help but want to go out of his way to do things he knows will help you out and lighten your load of responsibilities. Whether he makes the coffee in the morning when he knows you’re running late, he clears the heavy Pittsburgh snow off your car, or picks up your dry cleaning, rest assured he loves you very much.

10. He Appreciates You

Hollywood movies, TV shows, and books have all told us that if a man shows his appreciation for his woman, it’s because he truly cares for her. Hence, if your man puts in the extra efforts to show you how much he appreciates you, then it’s because he truly does. Whether it’s by coming home with your favorite cake from the local bakery, surprising you with flowers, or washing your car early on a Saturday morning, all those things show how much you mean to him.

11. You Catch Him Looking at You

There is no way his eye will wonder when you’re both in the same room and that is because he still finds you very attractive.

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t worry too much if your man doesn’t show all the signs above. Our Pittsburgh matchmakers know every man is different and they all have their own way of showing how they feel towards their partner. If you’re feeling the love, then you already know he is a keeper!
If you’re currently single and looking for someone special to settle down with, contact our veteran matchmaking team here at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service today or fill out the simple questionnaire at the top of the page.

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