Tired of Tinder? Here's How You Meet Single Men in Pittsburgh!

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Ah, Tinder… The biggest dating app out there today—the one that has turned into the entertainment source of today’s dating industry.  Having become the go-to place to boost the confidence of socially awkward people, it has also created what we know today as the hookup culture.

Sure, Tinder can be fun for people who are looking for casual hookups; after all, that’s what it was designed for.  Tinder offers people a quick and easy way to meet local singles who are only looking to hook up.  But what about a real relationship?  What if you’re looking for something meaningful?  If you’re tired of Tinder and want to meet single men in Pittsburgh who are relationship-minded, then this article is for you.

So put Tinder down—bet yet, erase the app—because our Pittsburgh matchmakers are going to show you how to meet single men in Pittsburgh outside of Tinder.

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1. Don’t be afraid to approach men you’re into.

This seems a little too easy to be true, but if you want to start a relationship, then you need to approach men you’re interested in when you’re out and about.  Ladies, you can’t sit around expecting Prince Charming to come knocking on your door.  It doesn’t work that way anymore; actually, it never did.

With Tinder, it’s easy to send a message and have a guy write back.  But in real life, if you want to start a relationship, then you’re going to have to approach men.  Men appreciate women who have the courage to approach them.  This can be at the grocery store, on the street, at the coffee shop, at a party… anywhere.  If you’re trying to meet someone outside of Tinder, this is how it’s done in the real world.

2. Put your phone down, please.

It’s a tech-savvy world, we get it.  Everything we do today is through our cell phones, and dating isn’t an exception.  However, you’re here because you’re trying to get off Tinder and meet quality men in the real world.  So unless you put your phone down, you’re never going to meet single men in Pittsburgh who are worth your time.  You’re going to have to break the relationship with your phone and keep it in your purse.  Like it or not, your gadgets can be distracting.

That’s right, if you’re tired of dating in the digital world, you’re not only going to have to approach men in person but also start a conversation with them.  Do yourself a favor and leave your cell phone in your purse or car.  This is even more important when you finally land a date.  You can’t have a meaningful conversation if you’re glued to your phone the whole date.  When you put your phone away, you’ll get to know each other and strike up something real.

3. Become cultured.

This is the ideal scenario for artsy women.  When you’re checking out the local art gallery in the city, keep your eyes open for men around you.  Expanding your cultural knowledge and getting into arts and culture will make you a well-rounded woman, which is something relationship-minded men in Pittsburgh look for.

Being cultured lets you experience life if different ways.  You’ll always have something to talk about—foods, politics, travel, arts, literature, theatre, and much more.  Not only will you be a step up from the competition, but your knowledge will make men fall in love with you.  So, yes, check out the local museums and art displays and keep your eyes peeled for quality men to share your knowledge and interests with.

As easy and convenient as Tinder might be, especially for busy professionals, the men using this app aren’t looking for real relationships, which is exactly why you’re here reading this dating blog today.

If you want to meet single men in Pittsburgh who are relationship-minded and compatible with you, contact our Pittsburgh matchmakers today and let us introduce you to the quality men you deserve to meet.  To reserve your FREE 90-minute matchmaking consultation with our Pittsburgh matchmakers, fill out the private survey at the top of the page today!

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