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Finding the right balance with the amount of space you allow yourselves in your relationship can be very difficult.  Too much time apart may make it seem like you don’t care about your partner, while too much time together can cause you to suffocate your partner.

One of the greatest risks to a relationship is when one partner neglects their own personal time and space and in turn inflicts that neglect upon their partner.  Such an invasion of privacy can be detrimental to the relationship.

The more your boyfriend feels smothered, the more he’s going to want to put an end to the relationship.  Are you worried you could be smothering your man?  Let our South Hills dating service show you five warning signs you’re suffocating your guy and putting your relationship at risk.

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1. Distant Body Language

Body language is a great way to interpret someone’s innermost thoughts and feelings.  Spoken words might tell you a lot, but there’s no need to say anything when their body language is doing all the talking.

You need to look at his body’s reaction to figure out if he’s feeling suffocated by you.  Are his feet turned away from you?  Does he raise his eyebrows or clench his hands?  Does he avoid eye contact?  Does he sit far away from you?  These are all signs that you’re suffocating him.

2. He’s Always in a Different Room

Does he spend all his free time doing chores, cooking, cleaning, gardening, or doing guy things in the garage?  You might think you found the perfect man who loves to help out around the house, but he could just be looking for ways to get away from you.  Be honest with yourself, if he goes to another room or always engages in something that doesn’t include you, he’s just trying to escape you because he feels suffocated.

3. He’s Starting to Ignore Your Calls

You need to be apart at one point in the day, whether it’s to go to school, work, or simply run errands.  If your partner is ignoring your calls, it’s a telltale sign he’s feeling suffocated by you.  If your calls are all of the sudden going unanswered, it’s time to back off before you push him away.

4. He Encourages You to Get Out More

“You haven’t been out to meet up with your friend Tori for happy hour in a while,” “You should go visit your mom this weekend,” or “You should start running again.”

If you’re hearing these words of encouragement from your partner, it might not be because he actually cares and loves you but rather because he wants you to occupy your time and get out of the house.  His only hope of getting space is for you to do something with your time.

5. He Gets Irritated All the Time

Arguing is normal in a relationship, but if your partner is starting to snap, yell, and groan at everything, then it might be because you’re suffocating him.  Ladies, men need their own space.  If they aren’t getting it, they’re going to start getting frustrated and flip out at the smallest things.

Don’t despair, ladies, your relationship is not over yet.  Things can be changed for the better, but you have to be aware that you’re smothering him so you can make the necessary changes.  The ball is in your court.  If you want to save your relationship, then it’s time to give your boyfriend some space.

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