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Does a woman need to look like a supermodel? Does she need to be wealthy? Does she need to be exotic? No, no, NO! Pittsburgh matchmakers reveal the real things single men like about a woman.

We’re sure you’ve walked around the city of Pittsburgh and seen happy couples who, let’s just be a little honest here, are not going to win the hottest couple award of the year. We’re sure you’ve seen average looking women with very attractive men, and the first thing that popped in your mind was “How in the world did she do it? How is this average looking woman with such a good looking man?” And the truth is, she was just being herself.

You see, all men are different, and for many, outside appearances don’t mean a thing. You could have a muscular man who prefers a woman with a few extra pounds, or you could have someone who prefers them to be very attractive, you just never know. However, in the dating scene, there are a few universal things men like about women. Today, our Pittsburgh matchmakers will reveal what men really like about women… And it’s not what you think!

Pittsburgh Matchmakers

1. Kindness

The arrogant, picky, or spoiled woman might be able to get a man, but she will not keep him for long. Men easily tire from high maintenance women who only look out after themselves. Now, we are not suggesting you become a doormat, as men are very turned off by women who act that way, but if you want to catch a relationship-ready man, then you’re going to have to be kind to him.

2. A Good Sense of Style

Every man has a distinguished style of their own; however, all men want their woman to be clean, neat, and stylish. Some men prefer their women in dresses, while others prefer them in jeans. Whichever the case might be, one thing is for certain, you should absolutely always try to look your best. Now, you don’t want to just do this for him, you want to do it for yourself too.

3. Brains

Men, especially the player type, like to play with women who fall short of the intelligent side, and the relationships they have don’t usually last very long. However, serious, relationship-minded men who are looking to settle down want an intelligent woman. Now, you don’t have to be as smart as an astronaut; however, you do need to be smart and able to keep a normal conversation flowing, more than reality TV or the latest gossip about your friends.

4. Fun & Outgoing Personality

Are you a stay at home type of woman? Do you prefer sitting on your sofa rather than going out and having fun with him? If that sounds like you, then you are boring. We’re sorry, but it’s the truth. Now, don’t panic yet, there is still hope for you.

Now, there is nothing wrong with being in the comfort of your own home watching TV and eating snacks, but you have to be able to do something other than that once in a while. You need to get out of your house at least once or twice a week and have fun with your man. Whether it’s out on the town having drinks, watching movies, or out with friends, men like a woman who knows how to have fun. Again, we’re not referring to crazy college fun like pounding beers or drinking Jell-O shots, but you do have to leave your living room a few times a week

5. Being Good with Children

You might not want to have children, and the man you’re dating might not want to have them either; however, men still want their partner to be good with children. We don’t know, it’s something psychological we guess. Plus, it shows your man that you’re a great person, someone nice, kind, and respectful of the little ones.

6. Good Housekeeping Skills

Yes, you read that right. Men want a woman who is able to keep the house nice and clean. The old saying was right, be a good cook, clean the house, be well-organized and good to him, and you’ll have him under lock and key. Yes, it might sound a little sexist, but it’s the truth. Men like to know they’re dating a woman who can run a household.

7. Honesty

Just like you want your man to be honest with you, men want the same. If you are a perpetual liar, you never tell him the full truth, or keep secrets about your past, he is going to be turned off by you and unable to trust you. It’s always best to be honest and upfront with him.

8. Faithfulness

Okay, we know this tip should go without saying, but we’re going to mention it just so it’s engraved in your head. Men like to know they’re the only person you’re seeing. Men, especially those who are looking for a serious relationship, want their woman to be theirs and only theirs. None of this, “I’m dating around.” He wants you to be faithful in a physical and emotional way.

9. Happy

Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? The simplest way to put this is that no man wants to date a woman who is always down and out. What if he takes you to meet his family or friends and you’re always depressed? Men like to date a woman who is cheerful, not a negative Nancy. Now, we all have bad days, you have them too, and he’ll understand when you have them once in a while. What we’re talking about is being down and out all the time.

Okay, we’ll say it again. Every man is different. They all have unique tastes and different personalities, but these things mentioned above are very important to men who are looking for a serious relationship. These are the top things men like in their girlfriends, so now the question is how many of these things do you see in yourself?

If you’re struggling to meet relationship-minded men on your own, contact our professional matchmakers here at Pittsburgh Singles and let us introduce you to the quality men you deserve!

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