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Finding the perfect man isn’t going to happen, but our Pittsburgh dating and relationship experts know finding the man who is perfect for you is possible, and we don’t want you to let him go when you do find him. So how can you know?
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Finding the perfect man isn’t going to happen, but our Pittsburgh dating and relationship experts know finding the man who is perfect for you is possible, and we don’t want you to let him go when you do find him. So how can you know?

TV shows and movies are always telling us about finding the one, but how can you really be sure if the man you’re dating is really the one? Today, our Pittsburgh upscale matchmakers here at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service will reveal the signs you have found the one.

It’s been said that love at first sight only happens in movies and TV shows. In today’s day in age, where divorce rates are skyrocketing, people are living fast-paced lives, and communication is mostly done online, finding love at first sight is rare.

In fact, it’s best to find love with time. Love at first sight may exist, but it’s not very common, especially because it often doesn’t lead to a successful relationship. Initial attraction doesn’t always mean a long term relationship.

Although it’s not impossible to fall in love at the blink of your eye, it’s very important you get to know the person before you commit yourself romantically to them. One of the main reasons divorce rates are at their all-time high is because people rush into relationships and marriages without thinking things through. Future goals, family background, personalities, careers, and lifestyle preferences all come into the equation when deciding who you want to spend the rest of your life with. And if you are a client, this is something our professional matchmakers will help you with.


How Can You Know You Are with the One?

Obviously you are going to have to figure out whether the man you’re dating will be the one you’ll spend the rest of your life with. Are you unsure what to look for? Here are the top things you need to keep an eye for to know the man you’re dating is the one.

1. You’ve Been Together for a While

Deciding if the man you’re dating is the one is obviously much easier to do when you’ve been together for a long time. The longer you know him, the more likely you will be able to determine whether or not he’s the one.

2. Your Gut Says So

Although going with your emotions isn’t the smartest thing to do, if you have found the one, your gut feeling will play a huge part in telling you so. You will have a feeling inside of your heart that tells you this man is perfect for you. You will know everything from how you feel inside.

3. Timing Is Right

You heard stories about relationships that could not work out because of the timing not being right, and it’s very true, timing must be right. Don’t ever underestimate how important timing can be when it comes to falling in love and having a committed relationship. Finding the perfect man is tough, and even when you do find him, the timing has to be right.

For example, he could be getting ready to serve the country and have to move to a different state, or maybe he just got out of a bad relationship and isn’t ready to commit to you seriously. Pushing the relationship through a bad beginning is most likely going to make it crash later down the road.

4. You Feel at Peace

When you are happy in your relationship you should feel an overall sense of peace. Stress should take a backseat and happy emotions should overcome you. Though it’s normal to go through bad patches along the way, you will notice that the overall feeling you have is of peace.

5. You’ll Want Different Things

The people we fall in love with have an inexplicable power over us. Being with the one will change your mind in many ways. For example, you might have sworn you would never have children, but if you are with the one, there is a high chance you will change your mind down the road, especially if he wants children. When you meet the perfect man and are in a long term committed relationship, you will do things you once feared. The same thing can be said for things you never thought you would try, such as moving to a different state or country.

6. You Don’t Mind Their Flaws

You know you have found the one when you can honestly say that you love him, despite all his flaws. This is a two-way street because your partner will feel the same way about you.

7. You’re Not Together out of Pure Loneliness

As with any relationship, it’s very important to determine why the two of you are together. If you can honestly say that you are both together because you love each other and not because you’re afraid of being lonely, then you have found the one. Our Pittsburgh upscale matchmakers know that many people make the mistake of thinking they have found the perfect man just because they cannot stand being single. We do not want you to make this same mistake.

8. Respect Is Mutual

Love and respect are two essential ingredients of a successful relationship and it cannot work without them. If there is mutual respect in the relationship, you can confidently say you have found the perfect man.

9. You Trust Each Other

If you don’t have trust in each other, then you might as well end the relationship right now. There is no point in lying to yourself or believing you can fix it, because without trust, there is no relationship. Being able to trust your partner to the fullest extent means you have found the one.

10. You Wouldn’t Change Anything

Many people go through life wishing they would have done something differently; however, you can be 100% sure the decision you made of dating this man is right despite the bumps along the road. You will be willing to go through everything again because you wouldn’t change him for anything. He’s a perfect fit for your life.

11. You Are Like Peanut Butter & Jelly

Being in a relationship is all about complementing and bringing out the best in each other. If you get along with him despite your differences, you know you found your perfect man.

It can take many years and different life experiences to figure out if you have found the perfect man, but if you open your eyes and keep an eye for the signs above, you will learn if the relationship you’re in right now is the one.
If you’re not meeting the right men on your own, contact our Pittsburgh matchmakers and let us introduce you to quality singles who are compatible with you. We’ll introduce you to professional singles who are serious about dating and settling down.

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