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Ugh, first dates. They bring a lot of excitement and anxiety all at the same time. Eek! What do I wear? What do I talk about? More importantly, what don’t I talk about? Will I make it on time with rush hour traffic? Will they like the restaurant? Better yet, will they like me? With a million things running through your mind before you even walk out the front door, you’re totally overwhelmed.

But as Pittsburgh matchmakers with 30 years in the dating industry, we’re here to tell you not to bog yourself down and wear yourself out stressing over unimportant things on first dates. While first dates certainly bring on an onslaught of emotions, worries, and anxiety, they shouldn’t be stressful. And the good news is that you can overcome these worries and relax so you have a successful first date next time.


If you’re like many Pittsburgh singles who stresses first dates, read on and learn our dating secrets to conquer your fears and rock your first dates. Discover the things you should never worry about on a first date.

1. Hairstyle, Makeup & Outfit

While you want to look choose the right outfit, one that makes you look and feel comfortable and confident, you don’t want to obsess about it. You also want to ensure your hair is fresh and styled and that your makeup is looking good too. After all, who doesn’t want to look great for a first date?

Sure, take the time and efforts to get ready, but don’t overdo it. Furthermore, don’t obsess over being perfect or you’ll surely ruin the date. Your date is looking at more than your appearance while you’re out on your first date. They’re looking at your personality and lifestyle to see if there’s a connection and if you’re compatible with one another.

2. Carrying the Bulk of Conversation

Are you one of the many singles in Pittsburgh who thinks you need to carry the conversation all night on first dates? Well, stop it. You absolutely don’t. As matchmakers, we always tell our clients that first date conversation should be like a ping-pong match, back and forth.

You already have enough to think about on your date – like whether you’re attracted to them, physically and intellectually, and whether you want to see them again – so stop stressing over talking more than them. You both need to take turns talking equally so you can each get to know one another to effectively judge your interest and compatibility potential. Really, you don’t want to be overbearing and talk too much or you’ll seem self-absorbed and like you don’t want to get to know your date.

If you get caught up talking about a topic you’re super passionate about, don’t stress it. simply wrap it up and say something humorous along the lines of “I’m sorry, enough about me. Tell me what gets you going.” Make it lighthearted while letting them know you’re interested in getting to know more about what interests them.

3. Coming Off as Too Eager at the End

You had a fabulous date and want to let them know you have a good time and that you are definitely up for a second date. But wait! Are they going to think you’re too eager? Hold that thought. By this stage in the dating game, you’re looking for the real deal. You want a long-term relationship free of dating games. And you can rest assured your date does isn’t down for the mind games either.

If you felt a connection and want to see them again, speak up and tell them. Believe us, if they want to see you again too, they’ll appreciate your honesty because it will take some pressure off their shoulders. You’ll have even better luck by suggesting a date from something you talked about earlier, such as trying the new sushi restaurant that just opened downtown. Now that’s how you end a date with confidence and success.

First dates bring on a lot of worry. But stop stressing yourself out over the things that don’t matter. Ease your nerves a bit and concentrate on being genuine, getting to know them, and simply having a good time. Relax and watch how much better your dating life gets.

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