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In order to have a successful first date you must make a positive impact on the person sitting across from you. After all, having a sour date is the last thing either of you want. The following pointers provided to you by Pittsburgh Singles dating experts are a good way of maintaining a fun, relaxed, and enjoyable conversation with your date. Your date needs to feel relaxed, and you need to show the best version of yourself. You can alter these suggestions to fit your personal style and the natural flow of conversation during your date, but don’t forget them.

So let’s get started with our first date conversation tips to make a great first impression.

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1. Be Interested

You need to show interest in their life, their job, and anything else they’re talking about during your first date. You already know that people enjoy talking about themselves, but they also want their date (you) to show genuine interest in them. Pay attention to get a better idea of who they are and if you’re compatible. You can do this by asking them questions like what they like to do in their spare time, what interests them about their job, or where they see themselves ten years from now.

2. Talk about Your Dreams

Contrary to what people believe, not everyone enjoys talking about themselves. People also want to hear what their date has to offer. Expressing your dreams and talking about your passions will really gain their interest. People love it when their dates open up and share interesting things with them. Tell your date how you plan on working your way up the ladder in your career, talk about places you want to visit and personal ambitions.

3. Talk about Your Friends

Throwing in a few words about your friends or something interesting they did will show your date that you’re a social person and that you have good friends and relationships you cherish. Just make sure you don’t go on and on about your friends all night; after all, you don’t want to lose focus on getting to know your date. Also, our Pittsburgh Singles dating experts qdvise you not to say anything negative about your friends, family, or coworkers. That’s never a good taste to leave on a first date.

4. Have a Good Time

One of the top first date conversation tips is as simple as it gets: you need to have fun and laugh. The sound of your laughter is something that will relax your date and help them loosen up and have a good time. Having a good sense of humor is essential on a first date. And even if your date isn’t that funny, you should at least try to get in a good chuckle, because let’s face it, it’s embarrassing enough when a joke fails in front of your friends, so imagine what it feels like on a first date.

5. Share Memories

Sometimes, the best way to get to know a date is by sharing personal details with them. Go on your first date and don’t be afraid to share some of your best memories with them. Our Pittsburgh dating experts know this is also a surefire way to keep the conversation going. You can ask your date to share some of their favorite memories with you as well.

6. Tell Them You Had a Great Time

By the end of the first date, regardless of how well things went, there will be a lot of awkwardness with both parties unsure of how the other feels about them. If you had a good time, then it’s fair to let them know. Your date will surely appreciate hearing it and it will save them from having to dissect the date play by play.

7. Suggest Going on a Second Date

Of course you don’t know if they had a good time or not, but you can set the platform for upcoming dates without being too pushy. For instance, you can mention a trendy new restaurant downtown or a new mini-golf course that just opened up and ask if they have ever been there. This is a casual yet effective way of suggesting a second date. Plus, it lets your date know you’re interested in seeing them again.

8. Tell Them You’ll Call

If you are a man, it is up to you to take courtship by the horns. By telling her you’ll call and keeping up with your promise, you’ll stand out from other men who made the same one but didn’t keep it. Make sure you really mean it if you tell her you’re going to call.

9. Tell Them the Things You Like

It’s good to let your date know a little more about yourself, and believe us when we tell you that your date will love hearing about your interests, what drives you, and what you do in your spare time. Divulging information about yourself will enable both of you to see if you’re compatible with each other. Plus, the more you open up about yourself, the more your date will open up about themselves with you.

10. Offer to Handle the Bill

There is nothing wrong with going Dutch on a first date, but if you are a true gentleman, then you should handle the bill. When you notice she’s reaching for the bill, let her know you got it. If you find this situation to be awkward, then you can always handle the bill in a discreet way by handing your credit card to the server early on. She will be impressed that you picked up the tab and your chivalry will increase your chances for landing a second date.

11. Don’t Dump It All

A lot of times, our Pittsburgh Singles dating experts know that when alcohol is involved, people tend to lose their inhibitions and dump everything on their dates. Remember that your first date is an opportunity to get to know someone new, not to vent your life problems. If you have unresolved issues, handle them, but don’t unload them on your date.

Need more help with your upcoming first date? Contact one of our expert matchmakers here at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service today!

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