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If you’re like many single women in Pittsburgh, and it doesn’t matter your age, you still find yourself questioning when a man is into you. Really, the dating game never seems to get any easier, right?

Well, to ease your nerves and help you find the answer to this nagging question, our professional matchmakers here at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service have the simplest ways to know if a man is into you. Get ready to discover telltale signs he’s got a thing for you too.

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1. He maintains good eye contact.

From first dates to interviews, dates, and police interrogations, eye contact is important. Okay, okay, we didn’t slip that one by you. We hope you’re not being interrogated by the police, but you get the point. Eye contact is huge for everything in life.

Do you catch him looking at you a lot? Does he hold his gaze so you notice him too? If you already know each other, does he always make it a point to look at you when you’re talking?

If he’s just interested in being your friend, then he is likely to get distracted from time to time and break that eye contact when you talk. After all, it’s more acceptable for friends to look around the room when talking. But if he’s into you as more than a friend, he’s going to be listening and making good eye contact to show you that he’s genuinely interested in you and what you have to say.

2. Inquiring minds want to know.

Has he hinted around to the fact that he’s single? Or better yet, has he made it known that he’s searching for a girlfriend and not afraid of commitment? Has he come right out and asked you about your relationship status? If not, has he inquired about your romantic life? If he’s done any of these things, then why are you asking us if he’s into you? We’re pretty sure you already know your answer!

3. You visit date-like places.

If you hang out with this guy, answer yourself this: where do you guys go? Are you going to casual hangouts with friends, or is he taking you to date-like locations? If you’re going on cozy coffee dates, out for ice-cream, and on scenic walks, then he’s definitely into you. He’s taking you to places where you can relax and connect. He’s ultimately showing you that he’s perfect boyfriend material.

4. He’s protective of you.

No, not like your big brother. When a man is into a woman, it’s his natural instinct to protect her. Does he walk you to your car after dinner? Does he tell you to text him once you’re home safe? Does he check in with you when you’re flying out of town to ensure you made it to your destination? If he’s doing these knightly things, he’s not only protecting you but showing you that he cares for you and your safety.

5. He gets a little jealous.

Hmm, here’s a simple one. Do you ever notice that he gets a little jealous? When a guy likes a woman, it’s natural to be a little jealous. Does he tend to perk up when you mention another guy’s name? Does he seem to tense up when your male coworker comes up and talks to you while you’re out? If you notice the green-eyed monster popping up from time to time, you can rest assured he’s not into you as a friend. Take this as a sign he’s interested in much more than being your friend.

As matchmakers, we know it can be torturous for a woman to sit around wondering whether a guy she likes is into her too. If you notice any of these five behaviors with the guy in question, we think you have your answer. Now you can rejoice in knowing he’s into you too.

If you’re single and searching for love in Pittsburgh, contact our professional matchmakers here at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service and let us do the matching for you. Not only will you enjoy handpicked dates with compatible matches, but you’ll never have to question a guy’s intentions again. We provide you with post-date feedback after each and every date so you’re not left wondering what he thought of you. How awesome is that?

To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today.

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