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Marriage is a very hard thing to pull off. It’s one of the hardest things to keep together in life. You never know when things can take a turn for the worse. However, there’s always a pattern of destruction that leads to the demise of a marriage. This list from our Pittsburgh matchmakers here at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service is not geared towards men because they’re always at fault. We’re just going to highlight some of the things that men do that can destroy a marriage. Women are often equally guilty for the failure of the marriage. It takes two to make it or break it.

People need to understand that marriage is not always about love. It’s more of a choice. You choose to be with you your partner through thick and thin. You choose to sacrifice your happiness for your partner. It’s not just about love. Love is key in any romantic relationship, but it’s not the only thing a marriage needs.

Today, our Pittsburgh matchmakers are going to review the things that can destroy a marriage.

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1. Disregarding things that make your spouse feel insecure.

The mind of a woman is very complex. They notice even the minor details about the one they love. They follow their every move because they are highly committed to them. You know that she feels insecure when you look at attractive women, and no matter how much she trusts that you won’t cheat on her, she will need reassurance that you are still faithful to her.

If you brush off those insecurities by continuously making jokes and telling her that she always makes a big deal out of nothing, then you are making a big mistake that can eventually cost you your marriage. Just take her seriously and be mindful of things you say and do. Women just need a little reassurance from time to time.

2. Not understanding the importance of small gestures.

If your wife isn’t a gold digger, she won’t always need a diamond ring, a sparkling tennis bracelet, or an extravagant vacation to make her happy. You can make her happy by getting her simple things and doing small acts of kindness.

Simple gestures of love can put smile on her face any day of the year. If you’re just focusing on large gestures, then she might feel like you are doing them because you feel guilty and are covering something up. Send her a loving text message, surprise her with her favorite coffee on the weekend or make her a yummy lunch for work (even a simple sandwich will do). Women find small gestures to be very romantic and special. Believe us, they love and adore small acts of kindness that show they’re loved and cared for.

3. Letting anger get the best of you.

Whenever men are having a difficult time in life, they think that by not involving their spouse in these problems, they’re doing them a favor. That’s highly untrue. All they’re doing is closing themselves off to their partner and harboring all that bitterness and anger inside of them, which is poisonous both to themselves and to the relationship.

A woman knows when her man is going through problems in life, and it’s impossible to conceal such problems forever. They feel like their partner doesn’t consider them worthy enough to help them.

She wants to feel closer to you, and not so that she can make things worse or make you feel bad about whatever is going on. All she wants to do is be a part of your life and help you through those difficult times. Even if it’s just an ear to vent to, she wants to be there for you, so don’t shut her out.

All you need to do is open up to her and let her know what’s going on in your life. It’s that simple.

Maintaining a marriage is hard work. Make sure you’re putting in the effort it takes to keep your bond and love alive. Follow this advice from our Pittsburgh matchmakers and safeguard your marriage from divorce.

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