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The last thing any woman wants to find out is that the new man she’s dating is playing her. You put in a lot of time and efforts to find someone who could potentially be the one you spend the rest of your Iife with, so it’s a huge bummer when you find out he was just playing you all along.

You put yourself out there, became vulnerable, and ended up with a broken heart. Ugh, this never a good feeling. But how can you prevent it from happening again? Our Pittsburgh matchmakers want you to look for the telltale signs he’s playing you early on so you can immediately kick him to the curb and save yourself future despair.

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1. He Says Thing You Want to Hear

Players know exactly what to say. If you think your new man is always saying the right things, then he could potentially be leading you on. Players know how to manipulate a woman into thinking they’re into them when they’re not—they’re with other women too.

2. He Says a Lot But Nothing of Value

He talks a lot but doesn’t say anything of value. He never discusses the relationship, future plans, or even his own goals in life. If your new man doesn’t share anything meaningful about his life, that’s a surefire sign he could be a player.

3. He’s Vague About His Life Plans

Here we go again. Does he share life happenings with you? Does he talk about his work week, friends, or family? Does he tell you his plans for the week or months ahead? If not, he could be keeping you at a distance because he’s playing you. Someone who doesn’t share their life plans doesn’t want you know for a reason.

4. He Never Makes Plans More Than a Day or So Out

It’s Tuesday afternoon and you want to make plans for Friday night but can never get him to commit. This is usually because he wants to keep his plans open. But why? Because he could be spending time with another woman. Our Pittsburgh matchmakers know that if a man can’t make plans with you in advance, he could potentially be playing you. Keep an eye on this one, ladies.

5. He Hides His Phone from You

People who hide their phones obviously have something to hide. If he wasn’t hiding anything, why be so protective about his phone? You might think he’s being a gentleman when he puts his phone away as soon as he arrives at your house, but that might not be the case. He could be trying to hide his phone so you don’t see texts or calls coming in.

6. He Never Introduces You as His Girlfriend

If the two of you have been together for a while and you feel that you’re his girlfriend but have never been introduced as such, then there’s something going on here. When a guy won’t call you his girlfriend, it’s usually because he doesn’t want anyone to know he’s dating you.

So what do you think? Is the new man in your life playing with you? We hope sure not, but if he is, then at least you caught onto it early and are able to move on without so much pain down the road.

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