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Women complain that when a guy takes them out on date they never call them again. But what about when the opposite happens? What about when after just a few dates he’s already acting like he’s your long-term boyfriend or even husband?

Toda, our Pittsburgh matchmakers are going to show you the telltale warning signs he’s moving too fast.

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1. He compliments you all the time.

Who doesn’t like to get a compliment from the person they’re dating? A compliment makes you feel acknowledged and valued by your boyfriend. But too many compliments right off the bat isn’t a good thing. If you don’t know the guy and he’s always singing your praises, it can start to feel insincere.

Too many compliments can wear thin, especially if you feel it’s being done out of selfish reasons.

In addition, complimenting you excessively could be a function of your partner’s own insecurity, whether it’s to try to get you to give more compliments in return or as a form of sucking up to you. Either way, it’s something to think about.

2. He tells you he thinks of you all the time.

You want the person you’re dating to think of you, but if he regularly tells you that he’s been thinking about you, it can feel a little too much, especially because you just started seeing him. It could make you feel pressured because he is showing that he has really strong feelings for you already. You might also feel like he’s trying too hard to impress you. And, in an extreme case, it could point to him being a little obsessed with you, and that’s never a good thing. When it comes to saying you’re on his mind all day, less is more. If he says it all the time, this is a red flag for you.

3. He’s asked you about marriage and children.

Discussing marriage and children too early in a relationship can scare people away. It kills the lighthearted vibe you want to enjoy during the early stages of the relationship. It can also make you feel put on the spot if you don’t know where he stands on those subjects. Or, it could feel like the guy is desperate to hit those relationship milestones. There’s no doubt that those topics are very important in a relationship, but talking about them too early isn’t a good thing.

4. It’s all physical.

Listen we know that sex is great. And you should have sex if you want. You are an adult and no one can say otherwise. But if you want a more serious relationship, and all you two are doing is having sex, that’s a sign your relationship is moving too quickly.

Chemistry is very powerful, and when couples have great sex, and a lot of it too early, they get blinded by the romance. This keeps them from seeing pitfalls and red flags in the relationship. If the new guy you’re dating only wants to have sex every time you’re together, then chances are he’s moving too fast.

We encourage you to look beyond the butterflies and the sex, because it may be a sign your new guy is moving too quickly.

How many of these red flags do you see with the new guy you’re dating? Is he moving things along too fast? Are you looking for a happy and healthy relationship that will last?

If you’re single and ready to meet relationship-minded singles in Pittsburgh, contact our matchmakers today. Let our Pittsburgh matchmakers introduce you to quality single men who are fit to date and compatible with you.

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