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Do you ever wonder if you and the person you’re dating really know each other? In the dating world, it’s very rare that someone is completely honest with you. So today, our Pittsburgh matchmakers will show you how to know if you really know each other.

One of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship is truly knowing each other. You have to know your partner’s ups and downs, their past, their future, and everything in between. After all, how can you love someone if you don’t really know them? You need to ask yourself, do I know them well enough?

Relationships are very complicated. We fall for someone whom we barely know and for things we don’t really know about them. Sometimes, we create ideals based on the little things we know about our partners.

That isn’t a real relationship. It’s not at all.

If you really want to have a successful relationship with someone, you really have to get to know them. You need to learn about their past, love them for who they are today, and look forward to a future together. But if you don’t know too much about them, then is it really love?

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1. How Much Do You Know about Them?

Everyone has a past, and sometimes, that past isn’t pretty. How much do you know about your lover’s past and vice versa? Do you know some of the mistakes they made when they were young? Knowing about your partner’s past is very important because it will help you learn more about them. Now, this isn’t to say that they are the same person they were when they were twenty, and neither are you, but you still need to know who they were before they were in a relationship with you.

2. Can You Tell What Mood Each of You Is In?

A good relationship is when you can tell what kind of mood your partner is in simply by looking at them. A great relationship is one where you can tell without even exchanging glances. It’s not enough to know how someone feels after they tell you; you have to know how they feel before they say a word. Can you tell she is in a bad mood from a stressful day at work? Can he see you’re down and out and need a hug? It is important to know all of those things.

3. Do You Keep Your Feelings Hidden?

Do you have to keep your feelings hidden from your partner because you don’t know if they can handle it? Or do you keep them bottled up because you don’t want to bring unnecessary stress to the relationship? The problem here is that you don’t want to get to know each other. If this is the case, all you’re doing is keeping things safe. If you continue to keep your feelings hidden, you are lying about who you are and what you want, and our Pittsburgh matchmakers know that isn’t healthy.

4. Do You Know Each Other’s Favorite Things?

It is very important in a successful relationship that you both know each other’s favorite things. This is true, even when both of you have separate interests. Similarities are important, but it’s those differences that make you unique.

5. Could You Tell Your Partner Simply Based on Words?

If you came across a random love note lying on the floor, could you tell by the handwriting that it belonged to your partner? Could you recognize simply based on those loving words that it came from him or her? Believe it or not, if you love someone, you know exactly how they speak and express their emotions.

6. Do You Know Each Other’s Weaknesses?

If someone doesn’t know your weaknesses, then that person has no clue about you. Everyone has weaknesses, and if you and your partner have never shown each other, then you don’t really know one another. It takes a lot to show a partner your weaknesses, but it must be done to have a successful relationship.

7. Do You Know Each Other’s Goals in Life?

Hopes, dreams, and goals are what makes us who we are as a person. Everyone has them, but then again, we also keep them secret; we keep them to ourselves. Have you and your partner shared your dreams and goals in life? Even if you don’t accomplish them, it is great to share them with your partner.

8. Do You Know Each Other’s Strengths?

Our Pittsburgh matchmakers know a healthy and successful relationship has a lot of ingredients. It’s more than knowing each other’s weaknesses; it’s know each other’s strengths as well. Whether it’s the ability to see a problem from an outside point of view, to really loving unconditionally, or to value family, having strengths is important. But more important than that is that you acknowledge and encourage each other to play up those strengths in life.

9. Do You Support Your Partner?

It is very important in a successful relationship that two partners fully support each other. This means going to your partner’s work events, encouraging them to pursue their hobbies, and going through good and bad times together.

If you and your boyfriend or girlfriend don’t have support each other, then your relationship will only be superficial. Remember that you cannot love someone you can’t respect or someone you don’t really know. Our Pittsburgh matchmakers want you to take time and get to know each other on a deeper level and watch how your relationship grows.

We hope you found this article helpful and can pinpoint where your relationship stands and if it has a chance for the future. If it does, congratulations to you. If not, contact our Pittsburgh matchmakers to start meeting compatible, relationship-minded singles who are a good fit for your life and future.

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