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Did you ever hear someone say that if you travel well with your partner, then you can pretty much do anything together?  While vacationing is fun and exciting, it can also be the ultimate test for your relationship.  Are you comfortable being together 24 hours a day?  Can you handle each other’s quirks?  Do they know how to control their tempter in stressful situations?  Do they treat you differently when you’re traveling?  Do they leave the toilet seat up?  Do you leave towels on the floor?  You see, there’s no greater way to get to know each other better than by traveling together.

Living together also reveals these things, but traveling adds a little more stress to the equation.  Why?  Because it takes you out of your comfort zone, to a place you’ve never been to together before.  So if you want to know where you and your partner stand—and if this relationship has a future—our Pittsburgh matchmakers encourage you to travel together.

If you haven’t booked your first trip together yet, get ready to find out the top four reasons why you and your partner should take a couple’s vacation.

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1. Traveling Gives You Quality Time Together

Traveling gives you plenty of time to spend with your partner.  No distractions, no third wheels— just you and your partner.  Traveling gives you the perfect opportunity to escape and do something new together, including making great memories you can always look back on.  Whether it’s bungee jumping, a safari adventure, or just trying a new cuisine, these are all great ways to bond as a couple.

Seeing the world together for the first time is a great bonding experience, better than any date you can have at home.  Plus, those wonderful pictures you take will give you many memories to look back on in the future.

2. Traveling Shows Your Partner’s Preparation Style

Before going on a vacation, you’ll first have to create a travel budget and put a plan into action.  You’ll get a feel for how your partner plans, packs, and saves money for the upcoming trip.  Do they get irritated easily?  Are they disorganized?  Do they put everything off until the last minute? Are they savvy when it comes to the planning and saving process?  These are very important things to know, especially if you’re envisioning a wedding down the road.

Planning a trip together also shows how committed they are to the relationship.  If they don’t make efforts and pawn all the planning off on you, then that shows a lack of motivation, which isn’t good.  However, if they take the initiative, are committed, and putting in efforts, that’s a fabulous sign for you.

3. Traveling Will Teach You a Lot About Finances

Unless your partner is a millionaire who wants to spoil you, it’s safe to say that you’ll be splitting the costs when traveling.  From the cost of the flights and hotel to the meals and snacks, traveling is a great way to learn your partner’s spending habits.  Do they follow a budget or do they go credit card crazy?  In short, how do they handle the finances when you travel?

If you’re thinking about getting married, this is very important to know because your finances will eventually be combined.  You need to make sure your partner can set a budget and stick to it, no matter how tough it is.  Consider this practice for your married life together.

4. Traveling Lets You Learn New Things About Each Other

Whoever thought your partner could speak Spanish so well?  They never get to do it in your everyday situations at home, but you were surprised when you saw them in full action at the airport.  It’s nice to see your partner come out of their comfort zone and show you something they are capable of doing.  Who knew there was so much to unravel about them?  Maybe they are very patient in even the most stressful situations.  Perhaps they are ultra-kind and generous to everyone you meet.  Of course, you would never have learned these things if you did not travel together.

Traveling as a couple is more than just visiting fun places.  It’s about connecting and learning more about each other.  Traveling will be a test of your relationship, hopefully one that solidifies your bond.

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