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You’ve been waiting for days, weeks, months, and maybe even a year for him to get down on his knee.  You hinted at it many times.  You discuss it with friends and family or to anyone who lends you an ear.  Why hasn’t he proposed yet?  You ponder to yourself over a big glass of wine and hope the answer lies in the bottom of the glass.  You don’t understand why all of your friends are getting engaged and married or having babies, while you, on the other hand, are at a standstill in your relationship.

If you have been wondering why he hasn’t proposed yet, the #1 Pittsburgh dating service has the answer for you.  So get ready as our Pittsburgh matchmakers show you possible reasons why your boyfriend hasn’t proposed yet.

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1. He’s not mentally ready yet.

Just because you’re ready to walk down the aisle, doesn’t mean your boyfriend is ready.  He might have many things in life he wishes to accomplish.  Maybe he wants to travel before he gets married.  Maybe he has a little more maturing to do.  If you notice that your boyfriend shies away from the marriage conversation even though you know he loves you, then you know why he doesn’t want to marry you.  He simply might not be ready for the responsibility of being married.  If this is the case, talk to him.  Don’t start an argument but rather listen to what he has to say so you can figure out where you stand.

2. He loves partying.

If weekends at the trendiest clubs in Pittsburgh, nights out with the guys, and partying are on his agenda more than spending time with you, then your boyfriend simply isn’t ready for a commitment.  Usually when men settle down in a marriage, they leave their wild party days behind.  Sure, there might be an occasional wild night when the guys reunite, but most of the time he’ll be comfortable staying at home with you.  So if your guy is still partying like a rock star, then he is certainly not ready for marriage.

3. He’s not financially stable.

Most men want to be able to provide and live a comfortable life.  Sure, he knows you’re willing to work as hard as he does, but he might have an idea of how much money he needs to make before he pops the question.  If your boyfriend is struggling to pay the rent and barely has any money to take you out on dates, then he’s probably not ready for marriage.

Give him a little slack unless you’re willing to settle for a ring from the local fair.  Allow him to save up some money and become financially stable before you discuss marriage.  Really, we know you don’t want to settle for a less expensive ring, so let him take his time.  This could be the only thing holding him back from getting down on knee and popping the big question.

4. There’s drama between you and his family

Are you and his mom currently not getting along?  Do you and sister not see eye to eye?  Does his family not approve of your relationship?  Families can put a lot of stress on a relationship and cause a guy not to propose.  After all, once he pops the question, your families will need to blend.

He might have to deal with the family stress first before he can even think about popping the question.  Some men will put off popping the question until everyone gets along harmoniously.  So if you and his family are not getting along, this could be why you don’t have a ring on your finger.

5. He’s climbing up the work ladder.

He’s been trying to make partner is or hoping for his boss to give him a promotion.  Maybe he is saving money to start a new business, or perhaps he’s working long hours in hopes of being transferred to a bigger company.  Again, men want to be financially stable before making such a huge decision as getting married.

If your man is career-driven and you know he is working hard to advance in life, allow him to pursue his dreams while you pursue yours.  If you already have your dream job and he’s working for his, encourage him.  Let him know you’re there by his side and he’ll work harder to get where he wants to be.  Sometimes a man needs to achieve his goals before he will get down on one knee.

If your boyfriend hasn’t popped the question, you no longer have to wonder why.  It’s not that he doesn’t want to marry you, it’s that he might not be ready just yet.

If you’re single and want to meet marriage-minded men in Pittsburgh, contact our Pittsburgh dating service today and let us be the ones to introduce you to your future spouse. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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