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Do your new love interests always seem to walk away from you fairly quickly? Do people tell you that you’re too much? There’s a new popular phrase in today’s modern dating scene, and that’s a “dating drainer.” But what’s a dating drainer? Simple: a dating drainer drains the life out of their partner. They’re also known as a “relationship vampire.” If you’re losing partners faster than you can count, then you might be one of them.

As the best Pittsburgh dating service, we know that relationship vampires always find themselves single because of their actions. To help you figure out if that’s why you keep losing partner after partner, read on and discover the warning signs you’re a dating drainer.

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1. You’re Always Negative

Are you the type of person who sees the glass as half empty? Do you always look at the negative side of things? It would be really hard for anyone to stay with you if you’re constantly negative. Would you want to date someone who was always whining, complaining, and seeing everything in the worst possible light? Absolutely not.

2. You Always Complain

Similar to always being negative, if you’re always complaining, then no one is going to want to be around you. If you’re one of those people who can’t go a few minutes without complaining, then that’s why you’re always single. Sure, we all have our grievances, but not everyone voices them every five minutes of the day. If you’re known for complaining, give it a rest. Find some healthy channels to release your negativity. Hit the weights, go for a walk, join a fitness class, or do whatever you can to release your stress and negative thoughts.

3. You Don’t Have Boundaries

Having poor boundaries can show up in many ways in a relationship. Do you struggle with telling your partner how you feel? Are you obsessed with what others think of you? Poor boundaries are a drain on your partners and will make it difficult for anyone to stay with you. If you’re an insecure person, you need to work on improving your self-confidence so you’re not bringing those insecurities into the relationship.

4. You Talk a Lot But Don’t Listen

When you’re with someone, all they hear about is what’s going on in your life. You go on and on and on talking about yourself but don’t listen to what they have to say. In addition, you’re a poor listener. You’re always waiting for your turn to talk and never really taking in what the other person is saying. Let’s just say this: communication is KEY for any relationship, especially a romantic relationship.

5. You’re Too Critical

You criticize your partner’s every move. Nothing they do is safe from your judgement. This is how you deflect attention from yourself and put it on your partner. The constant criticism is hard for your partner to deal with, which is why everyone leaves you.

6. You Blame Others All the Time

It is extremely difficult for you to take blame for your mistakes, which is the reason why you put blame on others. This can totally be draining for your partner because it probably means you put blame on them. It’s difficult to talk to you because you’re always pointing the finger at someone.

7. You’re Insecure

You’re constantly looking for validation from your partner when you’re feeling uncomfortable. You beat yourself out loud to others in search of compliments. You never admit you’re insecure, but you are very uncomfortable in your own skin. You try to mask your insecurities with a façade of confidence.

8. You Always Gossip

Rather than talking about your own downfalls and mistakes, you would rather focus on what everyone else is doing. You love to talk about everyone else but never yourself. This can be exhausting for your partner because they don’t want to hear about what Mark did or didn’t do. They don’t want to hear about Mary’s shortcomings and stupidity. Nobody wants to date a gossip.

How many of these eight bad behaviors are you guilty of in your dating life? If you notice you’re guilty of any of them, change them now; otherwise, they’ll keep you single forever.

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