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Mad your girlfriend is constantly being approached by men? Want to put an end to it? Our professional matchmakers here at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service have some helpful tips for the frustrating situation when men are constantly approaching your girlfriend.

As irritating as it might be when men come up to your woman, you need to stay cool and handle the situation the proper way. Today, our Pittsburgh dating service will teach you how to keep men away from your girlfriend and come out on top.

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1. Don’t Lose Your Temper

This might be hard to do, but unless your girlfriend is some unkind person who enjoys seeing you fight, then you’re in for a lose/lose situation.

First, you might end up getting beat up, in which case, you are going to end up worse than how you started. No matter how well she takes care of you, she’s always going to see you as the man who lost in an argument, the one who couldn’t defend her. Second, there is nothing good that comes out of a fight, especially not the fact you’re coming off as childish. Rude and violent behavior isn’t attractive, and it will destroy your image forever. Our Pittsburgh dating and relationship experts know that intelligent, emotionally sound, and beautiful women are turned off by men who engage in this type of behavior.

Plus, such actions might have the opposite affect; it might drive her into his arms as she apologizes for your rude behavior. She might make sure that he is okay before giving you the lashing of a lifetime. If he plays his cards right and takes the punishment you have given him and decide to walk away, then he comes out of it as the gentleman, while you come out like an immature frat boy.

2. She’s Not Your Possession

Remember that your girlfriend is just your girlfriend, not your possession. Standing up to a man who is flirting with your woman, throwing your arms out around her, and telling him she is your woman is not going to have the effect you’re wishing for. Women don’t like to feel like they are someone’s possession.
If you do this, your girlfriend is going to give you a few peeved glances and an earful that she isn’t your possession.

3. Don’t Let Things Affect Your Relationship

Most of the time, in any type of situation where your girlfriend is being approached by a man, she’ll walk away from it without even remembering it. The situation will never enter her thoughts again, that is, of course, unless you decide to bring it up.

Dwell on it for too long and you might actually say it during the midst of an argument. But remember, if it did not mean anything to her, it should not mean anything to you. And if you keep going with it for several weeks and harass her about it, you will look juvenile and unmanly, which will show her just how immature you are.
As you already know, being insecure and immature is not something very appealing to women. It will probably also make her feel that you’re blaming her for some man’s actions, actions that were out of her control.

4. Do Speak to Her about It

Look, if your woman is constantly being approached by men and you’re feeling a little weird about it, then bring it out in the open. She might not even realize how frequently it’s happening or how it’s affecting you.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to approach her in a mature and non-confrontational way. Explain that you are not blaming her for what’s happening. Perhaps tell her that she is too nice, which is why a lot of men are approaching her. Approach the conversation this way and you should be able to come up with a solution.

5. Do Get Help from a 3rd Party

Although this might not be an ideal solution for a trusting relationship, if things are getting rocky and you’re getting desperate from all the men approaching your woman, you might need help from a friend.

Get together with a friend (yours or hers) who sees the situation at hand. Ask your girlfriend how she would like it if you were constantly approached by women who did not walk away at the sight of you telling them you had a girlfriend. We’re sure she would understand when someone else is agreeing about the situation.

6. Don’t Do Anything about It

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is do nothing about it. Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities a man can possess as far as a woman’s concerned. And trust us, trust is essential, something that all relationships need. If you can trust her enough to leave her to handle the situation at hand, allowing her to end it on her own terms will make you look confident. After all, if there is trust, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

When she returns to you, give her a nice smile, put your arm around her, and remember she hasn’t done anything.

It’s every man’s fear that some random guy will swoop in and steal his girlfriend away, but remember he is just approaching her because he does not know she has a boyfriend. You are bound to encounter this type of man everywhere you go, bars, clubs, even coffee shops. If your girlfriend is alone, she should know how to handle this situation properly by letting him know she is in a happy relationship. If you see a man talking to your woman, don’t get angry about it. Let her handle it her way.

Those guys aren’t going to go anywhere, they will always be around, waiting for the second to swoop in and talk to your woman. Be trusting of her and let her handle things on her own. After all, there is no sign that says she is your girlfriend, so how can anyone know it?

If you’re currently single and looking for a happy relationship, contact our Pittsburgh matchmakers today and let us help you. We’ll introduce you to relationship-minded women who are a good fit for you.

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