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He likes me, he likes me not?

Attention Monroeville singles! If you often find yourself scrutinizing every text message he sends you for sign’s he’s into you or analyzing to bits random coincidences, like meeting him at the coffee shop, as signals that he might be thinking of you as more than just a friend, then this blog is going to help you out.

Yup… We are very confident this blog is going to help you.

Why? Because human beings don’t communicate through words alone when they interact with each other. In fact, verbal communication only makes up 7% of human communication – 55% is through body language and 38% through the tone of your voice.

That means if you really want to know if he’s into you or not, all you have to do is keep an eye for his body language.

Today, our Pittsburgh matchmakers are going to reveal body language signs that show interest.

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1. He smiles a lot when he’s around.

Quick! Think of the one person who you love with everything in your heart. Did your face just smile as you thought about them?

If the guy you like smiles as soon as he sees you in a crowd or sees you coming towards him, then continues to flash you a grin for as long as you stick around to talk to him, he’s definitely into you.

2. He finds excuses to touch you.

This one is a no-brainer… we all do it when are into someone. Don’t tell us you haven’t found excuses to high-five your guy or haven’t fantasized about the day when you can finally feel his arms wrap around you.

The only difference is that guys tends to be bolder when it comes to finding excuses to touch the girl they are into.

So if your man likes tapping you on the shoulder in a playful way or tickles your belly or pulls you into half hugs as you walk down the street, then, yes, he’s definitely interested in you. And bonus points if he has brushed your hair behind your ears or wiped off that cookie crumb stuck to your cheek.

3. He gazes into your eyes.

The eyes are the windows to the soul. No wonder we feel a zing right through our hearts every time our love interest looks into our eyes. But there are a few nuances here that could make all the difference in the world.

Number one: does he hold your gaze for longer than just a few seconds? As in, longer than you would hold the gaze of the cashier the grocery store? If yes, you can add one point to your scoreboard. It’s a definite sign that he is interested in you.

4. He flashes his eyebrows when he sees you.

Flashing the eyebrows is a natural thing people do when they are interested in someone or something. That’s why you will find your face in a relaxed state with your eyebrows neutral when you are hanging out with your bestie or family. The eyebrows only “up” their game when you suddenly see the person you like.

If you notice his eyebrows flash when he sees you, that’s a definite sign he likes you.

So, how many of these four signs do you see in the new guy who has your eye?

If you’re single and want to meet relationship-minded men in Pittsburgh, contact our matchmakers today. Let us introduce you to quality Monroeville singles who are fit to date and compatible with you. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today.



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