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If you’re fresh in the new world of “breakups,” then you should know there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Right now you probably feel that you can’t live a day without that person you thought was the one for you, but you must realize that life moves on. It’s not easy to understand how to get over a breakup when all you can think about is your ex and the wonderful memories you made together.

Will this pain last forever? Of course not. Is it going to feel like you were hit by a bus for the first few weeks? Unfortunately, it’s going to hurt for a while.

You probably aren’t happy as you’re sitting here reading this blog right now, but we’re telling you the truth. Of course, it’s going to hurt, but you will get through it.

Breakups are never easy, but we know how to ease the pain. You need to follow these simple tips to get through this phase without making things worse. Let our Monroeville matchmakers here at Pittsburgh Singles show you our top tips to heal your broken heart and get over your breakup fast.

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1. Accept the End

Listen, we’re not saying that the two of you won’t get back together at one point, we’re really not. But if you want to get over your breakup, the first thing you must do is simply accept it. We know you still love them, we get it. But thinking you’re going to get back together tomorrow will only draw out the healing process. The first step to getting over a breakup is acceptance.

2. Acknowledge That It Will Take Time

Getting over a breakup will take time. For some, it can take six months, while it takes others a whole year. Of course, you’re not going to be crying for an entire year, but your ex could still be on your mind. Eventually, you’ll stop thinking about them, we promise you. They won’t even cross your mind anymore, especially once you start dating again.

3. Cry It Out

Crying is great therapy. It will help you get over your breakup fast. Crying is a great way to release your emotions, so don’t be afraid to let out a good cry.

You are grieving the loss of your partner and the end of your relationship, so it’s normal to be upset. Go to the store, get a bucket of ice-cream, crawl in your bed, and watch whatever sad movie you want to get that crying out of your system. But once you get your emotions out, it’s important you set a plan in motion to move forward.

4. Be Selfish

Listen, if you want to spend the weekend crying at home, do it. If you want to talk about your ex to your friends, do it. If you want to spend a few hundred dollars on a spa treatment, do it. If you want to go on a small vacation, do it. Sometimes it helps to be selfish after a breakup, so don’t feel guilty about it.

5. Don’t Keep Your Feelings Bottled Up

We can’t emphasize this one enough. Don’t ever bottle up your emotions. Otherwise, you’ll eventually crack. Remember how we told you to get a good cry out? Well, that’s only one way to let your emotions out. You can also write your feelings out in a journal, talk to friends and family, or even seek counseling. There’s no shame in seeking help from others during such a difficult time like this.

6. Don’t Contact Them

Please don’t reach out to them. Don’t call them when you’ve had a few glasses of wine. Don’t write them on the way home from the bars. Don’t email them throughout the day. Don’t like their Instagram pictures or Facebook posts. If you want to move on from your breakup, you need to stop all contact.

7. Delete Them from Social Media

Another important step in getting over a breakup is deleting your ex from all your social media accounts. Yes, this will be one of the most difficult things you have to do. When it comes to Facebook and Instagram, you need to delete every picture with them. And don’t forget to block them to prevent yourself from creeping on their profile all the time.

8. Rely on Your Friends

Your friends will always be there during difficult times, and there’s nothing more difficult than a breakup, right? This is where you can count on your friends to be there for you. You are hurting, and there’s no better support system than them. Instead of locking yourself up at home, reach out to your closest friends and invite them over. Your friends will not mind helping you through this hardship.

Getting over a breakup will not be easy. In fact, it will be the hardest thing you ever have to do. It will be hard, but we promise you that you will move on. Follow these eight tips from our dating and relationship experts here at Pittsburgh Singles and start moving on in a healthy and productive manner.

Once you’re 100% healed and ready to start dating again, contact the best Monroeville matchmakers and let us introduce you to quality singles in Pittsburgh who are relationship-ready and compatible with you. Let us help you ease back into the dating scene and give you the guidance and support you need to get out there and start dating with confidence again.

To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today.


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