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Even though men and women are of the same species, at times, they can be completely different. Men do some things that women are just baffled by, and women can do the same. And, on the other end of the spectrum, there are some things men do that make women go crazy, and there are some things women do that attract men. Of course, everyone has different taste, and everyone likes and dislikes different things when it comes to a relationship. But in general, a lot of men are charmed by the same things.

Often, it’s things that you wouldn’t even think of, or things that you would assume might actually annoy him. However, there are certain female behaviors that he can’t get enough. Today, our Monroeville matchmakers are going to show you the behaviors men love in a woman.

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1. When You Put Your Head on His Chest

This situation is a win-win for everyone. Women love to do this because it makes them feel safe and secure – like nothing in the world can ever happen as long as they are laying on their boyfriend’s chest. Men love it because they get to feel like the big, strong protector figure taking care of their girlfriends. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity for him to play with your hair and get a good whiff of the perfume you are wearing.

2. When You Praise Him in Front of Everyone

Look, no matter how confident your boyfriend is, he probably gets excited when you praise him in public for the world to see. Now, don’t go over the top with this one – if you’re praising him every few minutes, he’ll probably find it annoying. However, even if you feel like he knows he’s awesome and you don’t need to tell him… go ahead and give him a compliment in front of everyone. Trust us, it will stroke his ego.

3. When You Smile & Laugh with Him

For many women, a sense of humor is one of the top things they look for in a boyfriend. After all, if you find someone that can make you smile and laugh, even during the most difficult times, life will be so much better. And, it turns out, guys love making women smile and laugh just as such as women love finding a guy with a good sense of humor.

No one wants their partner to be serious 24/7 – they want someone who can have fun and relax every now and then. Plus, it’s a pretty clear sign that you’re having a great time with him and enjoying his company.

4. When You Check Him Out

We know you’ve had those moments when your guy is focused on something else and not really paying any attention and you feel free to check him out and drool over him. Then, all of a sudden, his gaze meets yours and he catches you checking him out. Now, it may not seem like such a big deal to you – it’s not like you’re embarrassed to check him out, but you just shrug it off and smile. To him, though, it’s a big deal – even though he may seem cool and collected on the outside, he is really loving it on the inside.

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