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There’s nothing more painful than getting hit with a breakup in a long-term relationship. We’ve all been there: you’re with a guy for a long time and imagine spending the rest of your life with him. Then suddenly you get hit with a breakup. Your boyfriend dumps you and gives you a lame excuse that he’s just not feeling it. You would normally scream at him, but you can’t even talk because you’re so in shock. You don’t want to hear cliché lines that time heals all wounds or that there are a thousands of fish in the sea.

You don’t have to survive on ice-cream and wine during this difficult time. There are plenty of productive ways to heal your pain. It’s time to let Pittsburgh’s best matchmakers lend you a helping hand. Check out these five expert tips to move on from this breakup fast.

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1. Get Sweating

Maybe you love working out and have a favorite type of workout you like to do. Maybe you always wanted to start but never had the time to. Well, now you have the perfect opportunity to join the gym or hit up a yoga studio. Maybe you hung out with your boyfriend so much that you never had time to work out, so now is the perfect opportunity to get sweating like never before. Believe us, you’ll love how you feel after each workout. Working out releases feel good hormones that can’t be beat.

2. Feel Annoyed

You’re probably feeling a little bit irritated, sad, confused, and not so thrilled about being single. Let your feelings come out so you can cleanse yourself. Even if you feel like a grouch, your friends will totally understand you because they’ve been there before themselves. Your gal pals will totally do everything in their power to help you while you’re down.

3. Remember All the Fights

Its super tempting to idolize your ex and think of him as Mr. Perfect. But he wasn’t, believe us. Think about all the fights you used to get into and all the things he did to irritate you all the time. Think about the negatives instead of thinking about the good times—your first kiss, first date, or first time he said I love you.

4. Don’t Feel Sorry for Yourself

You might be tempted to think that you’re a total loser who couldn’t keep a relationship intact. Even if you know that’s not true, it’s hard not to think that way when you’re going through a breakup. But don’t do it. Don’t feel sorry for yourself—not now, not ever. You have a lot to be grateful for. You might not realize it, but this small setback is just that, a small setback. You can definitely get back to that place of happiness again.

5. Get Okay with Being Single

It’s not always easy to love who you are and get used to spending all your time alone. But if you want to get over your ex fast, that’s what you must do. If you can’t love yourself or learn how to be alone, how can anyone else ever love you? Even if it feels lonely right now, learn to enjoy your me time. Soon you’ll be stronger and more confident than ever before.

If you want to get over your breakup fast, use these five helpful tips from Pittsburgh’s best matchmakers and ease the pain in no time.

If you’re single and ready to meet relationship-minded men in Pittsburgh, contact our expert matchmakers here at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service. We’ll get to know you and everything you desire in a partner and only introduce you to quality men who fit your criteria. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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