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Okay, so you have this great guy pursuing you…  But he just isn’t your type.  There is something about him you don’t like for a partner, but he really makes a great friend.  You don’t want the friendship to go down the drain, but you also don’t want to take things to the next level like he does.  Unfortunately for you, he’s not getting your hints and continues pursuing you romantically. 

What is a woman supposed to do?  You don’t want to stomp his heart; after all, he is a great guy and makes for a fabulous friend.  But you also don’t want to put yourself in the predicament where you give in just because you cave under pressure.  If this is your current situation, don’t worry.  Today, our Pittsburgh high-end matchmakers will show you how to friend zone a guy the right way… So he doesn’t end up getting hurt.

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1. Never lead him on.

It might seem obvious, but do not lead him on.  Sure, it feels great to get attention from him, but if you show signs of enjoying this attention, it’s going to backfire on you in the end.  If he thinks you like the attention, he’ll continue to do it in hopes of winning you over.  Do not flirt with him, do not laugh at all his silly comments, and don’t engage in flirty conversations.  If something flirty comes up, quickly change the topic.

2. Be oblivious.

When he starts throwing flirty comments or little lines around, act obvious to what he says.  During these awkward situations, use humor to your advantage.  The next time he drops a hint about the two of you being romantically involved, use humor to say that you can’t imagine losing him as a friend.  No matter what you do, don’t give into the idea and play along with what it would be like if the two of you were dating.

3. Don’t give him mixed signals.

Under no circumstance should you give him mixed signals or hopes of standing a romantic chance.  This will backfire on you in the end and hurt someone’s feelings (and you know we’re talking about his).  If you are a flirty woman by nature, try to hold it back a little when you’re with him, because he’ll take it as a sign of interest. 

4. Talk to other men.

If you like a guy, you wouldn’t talk to other men in his presence, right?  If you want to show this guy that you’re not interested in him, talk to other men.  Show him that you’re still searching for a guy and he isn’t the one.  When he sees you talking or flirting with other guys, this will quickly show him that he is not your type.

5. Don’t go to date-like events.

Of course the two of you are good friends and he’s going to invite you out from time to time.  But if you want to friend zone him, never go to date-like events.  What are we talking about?  Never go on mantic dinner dates, movie dates at night, or other things couples do.  Of course you can go grab coffee with him on your lunch, but if he wants to pick you up at 7pm on a Friday night and head out to a romantic dinner spot, that’s sending him the wrong signals.  If you accept his romantic invitations, he’s going to get the wrong idea and think you’re his date. 

6. Show him your bad qualities. 

Yes, we know you don’t like to admit it, but we all have bad qualities.  If you want to show him you’re not the one for him, show him your bad qualities.  Don’t hesitate to hold back the things you know will turn him off, such as your short temper, nagging comments, and your inability to keep anything organized.  If he is your friend, he won’t judge you.  But at the same time, he’ll realize you’re not the one for him. 

7. Don’t talk to him too much.

Friends do text and call each other throughout the day, but lovers communicate all throughout the day.  If you talk to him all day long, he’s going to get the wrong idea and think the two of you are dating.  Don’t go overboard with the communication and keep things simple and short.  Also, never talk to him at night before heading to bed.  It’s the worst thing you can do and will definitely lead him on.

8. Remind him of the good friendship you have.

Make it a point to remind him of the good friendship the two of you have.  If you keep repeating statements like, “You’re my best friend,” or, “I wouldn’t want to lose our friendship for anything,” he’ll get the hint.  You should also mention how lucky you are to have found his friendship at this point in your life.  It might not sound like much, but believe us, he’ll get the hint.   

9. Tell him you’re not interested.

Okay, so you’ve tried every trick our Pittsburgh high-end matchmakers have given you and nothing has worked so far.  What’s a lady supposed to do?  Well, now it’s time to inform him you’re not interested in him.  Now, you don’t have to be rude about it, because there are ways to do this politely to avoid hurting his feelings.  You probably still want to continue the friendship, unless he is too persistent and disrespectful.  If you want to friend zone him, the best way to do is to simply tell him that the two of you are not compatible with each other or that you are interested in another man. 

If you’re not meeting the right partners on your own, contact our Pittsburgh high-end matchmakers and let us introduce you to relationship-ready men who are romantically compatible with you.  Let us help you find the loving partner you deserve!

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