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Does something feel different in your marriage?  Are you struggling to find happiness?  Could your marriage be over?  Find out today with Pittsburgh dating coaches and relationship experts from Pittsburgh Singles.

Many marriages fail, and it doesn’t matter whether they get professional guidance or not; some relationships are just not meant to last.  But what about yours?  Do you think it could be save?  If you love your partner, you should fight for your marriage and try to save it.  If you both want to try saving it, talk it out and put all your energy and efforts into getting out of this relationship rut.  On the other hand, if you think it’s beyond repair, read on and find out what to do next.

Today, our Pittsburgh dating coaches will reveal the signs your marriage is over and you might be happier without your partner.  Sometimes, ending a marriage is the best decision you can make for the sake of your own happiness.

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1. Therapy Is Not Helping

If you have tried therapy with your spouse for a good amount of time and there are no improvements in sight, then there are obviously issues that cannot be fixed.  Often times, there are problems that cannot be fixed and eventually lead to a divorce anyway.  If you’ve been through a traumatic experience, like cheating, then you may never be able to get over it.  The best thing to do in this scenario is cut cord and heal on your own. 

2. There Is No Longer Attraction

Sometimes couples go through phases where they lose the attraction for each other, and that’s completely normal.  However, this can be remedied by getting professional help and implementing date nights and other couple’s activities.  Sometimes life gets in the way and makes us lose the connection we once had with our partners.  If you have exhausted all options and are still not attracted to your spouse, then you might have lost that spark forever.  Don’t be too quick to get a divorce, though, because patience could be your best friend here.  Maybe you are just going through a phase that could be overcome.  You could be under a lot of stress from work or life in general, or you might also be experiencing hormonal changes, which are also normal as we age. 

3. Fighting Is Affecting the Children

If you and your spouse have kids, do you fight in front of them?  Has your marriage become toxic?  If your marriage has become toxic for the children, then it might be best to each go in your own directions.  Words can linger long in your children’s mind and cause long term damage.  If you are having screaming matches in front of your children every day, you’ve tried professional help, and nothing has worked, then you might have to go your own ways, for the sake of your children.

4. You’ve Grown Apart from Each Other

Sometimes marriages fall apart because the two partners are going in different directions.  Maybe the two of you were compatible at first, but as you grew older, each of you wanted different things out of life.  Maybe your spouse wants to retire and travel the world, while you want to continue working up the career ladder or open your own business.  If different goals and aspirations have gotten in the way, it could have caused you to grow apart from one another.  Love can last an eternity, but if your goals don’t align, it will just never work out.   

5. There Are Forms of Abuse

If you’re experiencing any type of abuse in your marriage, then it’s over.  This is especially true if you are being physically abused.  Abuse is not an ingredient to a healthy marriage.  It’s okay to have an argument here and there but it’s completely different if your spouse hits you or verbally abuses you.  It is clear they are not ready to be in a committed relationship, and you should never tolerate any type of abuse from your spouse.  If they are raising their hand at you, you need to file for a divorce right away. 

6. One Spouse Has Stopped Making Efforts

If one partner stops putting efforts and energy into the marriage, then it’s over.  If you or your spouse have stopped communicating, working to fix relationship issues, or helping each other, then the marriage is over.  If someone isn’t willing to help in the marriage, then they clearly don’t care for it, nor want to fix it. 

7. Affairs Are Happening

If one of you is having an affair, then it’s clear that the marriage is over.  Some people have an affair when they want to escape their marriage, which is obviously the coward’s way out, but it happens all the time.  Our Pittsburgh dating coaches suggest ending the marriage before anyone gets hurt any worse than they already have.

8. You Stopped Interacting with Each Other

It’s one thing to get into an argument and not talk to each other for a few minutes afterward; however, it’s completely different to stop interacting for days on end.  If this is happening, it’s a clear sign one of you has lost interest in the marriage and doesn’t care to fix it.  If there are no more interactions, no more deep conversations, and no more intimacy, then the marriage is over.  If this has been happening for a while, the best thing to do is end the marriage because the spark has clearly fizzled out.

9. You Have Different Views on Children

If one of you has different views on children, this can cause the marriage to end.  For example, if you want to have a family and they don’t want children, this will cause a problem.  But this is something you should have known before getting married.

Remember that just because you no longer have those butterflies like you once did doesn’t mean your marriage is over.  Sometimes you lose them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work to get them back—it’s all about putting in the energy and effort required from both partners. 

So what do you think?  Can your marriage be saved, or is it gone for good?

If you’re single and searching for a loving partner, contact our Pittsburgh dating experts today and let us help you find the one!

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