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Are you looking for love as a mature single? Let our experienced matchmakers boost your dating morale to get you on your way!

What if we tell you that falling in love when you are in your 40’s, 50s, or 60s, is the best time to do it? What if we tell you it’s better than you were in your 20’s, when you had no clue what you were doing? Or when you were in your 30s when all you could think about was a partner to have babies? Finding love in your 40’s is the best time to do it, and it’s the best time to nurture true love that will lead to a successful relationship. All your experiences in relationships have prepared you for this moment. Now you’re ready to find true and lasting love. Yes, it’s true even for those who have never fallen in love, for those who have picked the wrong partner, and those who have been on hundreds of bad dates.

Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service is the leading dating agency in Pittsburgh with over 25 years of experience helping professional singles find love. When we tell you mature dating is the greatest, we mean it from personal experience.

Today, our personal matchmakers will reveal the reasons you should pursue dating and finding love after 40.

Pittsburgh Matchmakers

1. You Can Hold Your Own

You know that your happiness can’t be all put on one sngle person. The fantasies of finding the ideal partner, the perfect 10, has all the sudden vanished into thin air, and for good reasons. By now, in your 40’s, you have had plenty of years to create your own happiness with yourself. You have a support system that is by your side anything bad happens. You have stable friendships that are there for the ups and downs. You in your life are perfect as it is, even as a single person. But you know deep inside that the right one can enhance your life. Now, we call that the perfect recipe to start a new relationship.

2. You Know the Real Deal

You are inclined to think that Hollywood romances exist and that love is all about fairy-tales. Stability and compatibility are the two essential things that get you going. You have many accomplishments under your belt and along the way, you have experience some bumps and bruises, all of which made you a stronger person. You know that by now, life isn’t fair and that some people are fake. What 20 year old can say those things? Your whole life has now taught you many valuable lessons, and because of it, you have become more understanding. You have a more realistic view about relationships, and that takes a lot of pressure off of dating. Now, you solely focus on what really matters.

3. Everything Is about You & Them Of Course

As you grow older, other areas of your life will require less attention. Now, there is room for playfulness, love, and romance. You are no longer running after the flavor of the week, you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone, or have to keep up with the latest. You have now made your life all about you. This doesn’t mean you have forgotten about anyone, it just means you have made it a priority to make yourself happy first. You have plenty of time in your schedule and your finances are more flexible, and that makes dating much easier.

4. Science Works in Your Favor

As we get older, our brains become more like the opposite sex. Middleaged women can enjoy the post-menopausal time. Men become more relaxed. The years of wanting to reproduce have now ended and yoru brain is rebalancing itself. Men relax and become more comfortable with themselves, while women seek fulfillment in other aspects of their life. This makes the best time for men and women to come close as a couple. If you’re looking for love in yoru later years, you can have the best relationship with the opposite sex, more so than in your younger years.

5. You Have Become More Passionate

Your body and reproductive system might have gone down, but your capacity for romance is still the same as when you were in your 20’s. Our matchmakers know that women in their 40’s are more than capable of falling in love and being romantic. Don’t ever underestimate the intensity in which you can love your partner, even at a later stage in your life. The need for love will remain strong regardless of how old you are as long as you’re willing to nurture it.

6. The Small Stuff Doesn’t Bother You

You have dealt with your aging, the loss of yoru parents, and many more challenges that have affected your life. You have experience illnesses and bumps along the road, those of yoru own and those of your friends. And it’s a clear reminder of the things that are important in your life. Being more in touch with your mortality, along with having more knowledge in life does wonders in the meaning of letting go of small things. Now in your later age, you no longer sweat the small stuff like younger people do.

Your life experiences, the knowledge you have acquired, you realistic expectations, and capacity for love will make dating in your later age the most magnificent time of your life. Finding love at a later age can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, but the reality is, if you hire a professional matchmakers and let them do the searching for you, you will be introduced to compatible, mature singles in your area who are also looking to fall in love.

If you want to find that man or woman who loves and adores you for the rest of your life, call one of our expert matchmakers here at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service. We are Pittsburgh’s top dating and matchmaking service. We have helped thousands of singles in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, and beyond, find love when they thought hope was lost. We can help you too, but you need to make the first step!

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