7 Types of Single Men in Pittsburgh You'll Always Regret Dating

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Everyone has been down this road before. You meet a guy who seems to be perfect, everything you’re looking for in a partner. But a month later, you quickly realize that he’s not all you thought he was, not in the slightest. This happens to a lot of single women in Pittsburgh, and it definitely sucks. What is it about certain types of single men in Pittsburgh that is so amazing at first and reels women in like crazy? Most likely their charm.

It’s like meeting a comedian and thinking he’s always going to make you laugh. There are a ton of guys out there who will make you fall for them, only for you to deeply regret it later.

Today, our Pittsburgh matchmakers are going to show you the types of single men in Pittsburgh you’ll forever regret dating. We know you’ll agree with us. And if you haven’t dated one of them in the past, stay far away from them to prevent yourself a heartache.

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1. The Party Monster

Dude, let’s go party on a regular old Monday and get totally tanked! Then, let’s turn around and do it on Tuesday too. And then again on Wednesday. You might have gone with him a few times just because you thought he was fun and spontaneous. But after being hungover for a full week (exhausted, depressed, and frustrated), you’ll regret dating him and letting him drag you down.

You broke up with him after only a few weeks of dating because all he cared about was drinking and partying, two things you can’t really put on your resume. This type of guy only lives for partying and flies by the seam of his pants. Steer clear of him because he’s only going to bring you down with him.

2. Your Ex

If you agree with us, then we know you’ve probably gone back to your ex many times before, only to realize that it was the worst mistake of your life. There are a lot of women out there who believe they should give their exes another chance. But when they get back together with them, they break up again only days later.

Listen, ladies, do yourself a favor and do not get back with your ex. He will be on his best behavior for a little while to get you to stay, but he’ll quickly return to those old ways that made you leave him in the first place. Getting back with an ex is a huge mistake. Believe us, he hasn’t changed. Exes are exes for a reason. Sure, there might be a few exceptions, but if it didn’t work out before, then chances are it’s not going to work out this time either.

3. The Bad Boy

Bad boys are attractive, mysterious, and alluring, everything a woman wants in a man. They have qualities and characteristics that make women flock to them like bees to honey. Their carefree attitude is contagious and irresistible, right? But if you dated a bad boy, you’ll probably agree that it was one of your worst relationships.

This is the type of guy that makes you smitten without doing anything for you or the relationship. Bad boys create a one-sided relationship, something you never want to be in.

4. Your Friend’s Ex

Dating your friend’s ex should have been a red flag from the beginning since you probably heard all the gossip from your friend herself. But for some reason or another, you still decided to go after him. First of all, this totally breaks girl code. Honestly, what were you thinking? How would you feel if your best friend went after your ex? What if your best friend still has feelings for him? What if going after him spoils her chances of reconciling what they had?

Ultimately, you’ll end up regretting dating him because it won’t likely work out. Plus, you’ll probably lose your best friend too—double whammy!

5. The Mama’s Boy

A man that is very close with his mother is very attractive because he knows how to properly treat a woman, at least that’s what every woman thinks. You might have fallen for him because he’s so sweet and loving towards his mother. The truth is, he’s probably a spoiled brat who will expect you to treat him just like his mom does.

Dating a mama’s boy is like being a babysitter 24 hours a day. You’ll have a child to look after and many temper tantrums to deal with. You will also regret the way his mom makes you feel; after all, she’ll constantly judge you by the way you treat her son.

6. The Rebounder

Women aren’t the only ones who are known for rebounding after breakups; in fact, men often rebound harder than women. As soon as a guy breaks up with his girl, he’ll head to the nearest bar and find a hottie to pick up. If you’re just unlucky enough to run into this guy, be prepared to regret it as soon as it happens. The rebounder is only using you as a filler to boost his ego while he is healing his wounds.

7. Your Boss

There are a lot of policies against dating your boss, and for good reason. Dating your boss is a horrible idea, one you’ll regret as soon as it ends. Many women fall for their bosses because they see them as powerful figures. However, dating them never ends well.

Dating your boss will make your coworkers see you in a very unpleasant way, and if you’re advancing in your career, everyone will thinks it’s because you’re sleeping with the boss. Even if you are the smartest woman in the world, one who is fully capable of working up the career ladder, your reputation will be shattered by dating your boss. And if it doesn’t work out, you’ll regret it because it will make your work life hell.

So tell us, how many of these single men in Pittsburgh have you dated in the past? And did you regret it?

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