6 Signs Dating in Pittsburgh Has Made You a Love Cynic

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Love is one of the most magnificent things on the planet. Actually, sometimes love can be the biggest pain in the rear. We know that sometimes you reach a breaking point where you think to yourself, “Is this really worth it?”

You swear off men and roll your eyes at happy couples you see walking down the streets. Have you reached that point in your dating life? Are you unsure if your past dating experiences have made you a cynic when it comes to love?

Below you’ll discover a few signs that dating in Pittsburgh has made you jaded about love and relationships.

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1. You hate romantic movies.

It’s one thing to like suspense movies over romantic ones, but if you passionately hate every romantic movie out there, and you only hate them because you hate the happy, lovestruck characters in them, then you’re definitely jaded about love. If the thought of watching a romantic movie makes you queasy in the stomach, then you’re cynical about love.

2. You roll your eyes at everything that pertains to love.

Your friend put up a picture of her bouquet of roses on Facebook, you roll your eyes. Your friend tells you that she’s chatting with someone online, you roll your eyes. You get hit on at the bar… Yep, you guessed it—you roll your eyes. Your favorite exercise has become rolling your eyes.

3. You don’t give anyone a chance.

This is for all the singles out there who are just so over dating. And because of it, you refuse to give anyone a chance. You assume that anyone you meet is going to be a player, a jerk, or someone whose main goal is to get you to the bedroom. You think to yourself, “So why even bother?” So you lock yourself up at home and close yourself off. But did you know that you could be missing out on someone great because you’re letting your cynicism get the best of you?

4. You side-eye your friends’ partners.

You give every one of your friends’ partners a side-eye because you’re waiting for the day they screw up and your friends come crying to you. You want any minor little tiff to turn into a full-out war so you’re not the only single one left in your social circle.

5. You shut down.

You block yourself off from the world. You’ve completely isolated yourself. You can barely get out of bed. Life has no meaning for you. You’re like a robot who just sleeps, gets up, and goes back to bed. You can’t even deal with everyday life anymore and find no enjoyment in anything.

6. You stopped taking care of your appearance.

Not only are you just going through the motions, but you’ve also stopped taking care of your appearance. Long gone are the days when you got up and went to the gym. You can’t even remember the last time you put makeup on or did your hair. Giving up on your appearance is a sign of a major issue. You’ve become more than cynical. You’ve become depressed.

Hey, we know that you can’t be optimistic about dating 24/7. But it’s not okay to completely give up your search because people hurt you in the past. You’re worth it. You’re worthy of love. You truly are, so stop being cynical today.

If you’re ready to pull yourself out of this dating slump and change your mindset about dating, we want to hear from you. We’ll give you the guidance and support you need to achieve your dating goals. Let us get to know you and everything that’s preventing you from moving forward in your romantic life. Then we’ll create a customized dating plan to help you meet that special someone who changes your views on love forever. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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